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Legarflex srl is a company founded in 1963 by the president Enrico Remondini and is specialized in the production of metal beds: single and double beds, bunk beds and folding beds for the domestic markets, retail, large-scale distribution and military markets.

The company exports 90% of its production operating on the world market, with customers throughout Western and Eastern Europe, North Africa, Asia and North America.

The production is always updated and in great evolution with over 50 years of experience: Legarflex is now able to produce 1,500 metal beds per day, with fully automatic machines, welding robots – assembly robots, etc.

Legarflex is ISO 9001:2015 and TÜV certified and many products are certified according to UNI EN 747.1.2., TÜV Products and according to the Fire Standard of the main countries.

Our customers are part of our family and we offer them a personalized service with great flexibility and customization of the products also according to their drawings and instructions.

We supply customized single and bunk beds for the military, humanitarian and contract sectors: for example we provide furniture to NATO, UNICEF and the armed forces of different countries.

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